Namesilo Review: Cheapest Domain Registration with Coupon

By   Dirk Argyle
2016 -

Namesilo Review: Cheapest Domain Registration with Coupon

If you’re looking for the best name registrar (e.g .com, .eu) in   , then you’ve come to the right place.

You can buy domain names at $8.99 with an option for free privacy protection.

You can enable privacy protection at no cost as long as you own the domain.

In the united states, there are many domain providers like godaddy and namecheap. I use these services before. Now, I am already using namesilo. You’ll read here why I switched.

There are also problems with namesilo. They don’t offer web and email hosting. But based on our experience it is better to separate domain and web hosting. It prevents difficulties later on. For example, if you have problems with your hosting you can transfer immediately.

If you’re planning to use their free privacy protection, you need to read here. This is very important so that you will not have problems in the future.

You can also build your own business using their reseller manager. Because the price is low, you can sell it for higher price. For example, sell it for $10 while namecheap and godadday sell it for more than $12 dollars. Building your domain hosting business is beyond this post.

But if you want to become their partner then you have to register here. Then go to their reseller manager link.

For age domains you can buy it at $1 in auctions tab. Read below for more details.

Now let’s go back to our topic.

Is namesilo a good domain registrar?

Is it reliable?

Is it affordable?

The answer is yes!

Choosing the best domain registrar is an important step in creating a website. In this review I’m going to share a good domain service.

Buying a domain name is like buying a land to build your house. We have to find a good spot. We have to find a good place to start building.

Just like starting a business, if you don’t pick a good spot you’ll less likely to make sales. Next, you’ll have to build or let someone build your house.

This is where you need a web hosting company to build your website. You can use aicheapwebhosting for $1 a month. For start-ups it is a good deal. They offer 100 GB monthly transfer despite the low price.

Their servers are fast. You can test here.  I even use this hosting service before. We just have to find a good service to start our online business.

Namesilo for SEOs

Warning, if you’re not an SEO, skip this section.

If you are an SEO, you have to test different strategies using different domain names. Using the right tools can also help you. There are lots of strategies which you can try. Don’t use only one domain for testing. Test everything you read online.

This is where good SEO’s differs from mediocre SEO’s. A lot of people just believe everything they read online. If you spend time at blackhatworld, I know you read many posts about SEO.

Did you use it to your website? What are the results? Almost nothing! You are back to square one. It is a must to see which strategies are working and which ones are not.

It is also important that while you are testing, you also keep your expenses low. If you use only one domain, then you’re doomed. How will you know which strategy is effective.

You’re just wasting your time and in the end you’ll give up. You can always hire an SEO company that is expensive. But I know you don’t want that. You want to save without sacrificing quality service.

Click here: Cheapest place to buy domain names

I almost gave up SEO. Luckily for me, someone helped me. He told me to target a niche with several websites(At least 10) and use different SEO strategies. Choose the best performing site and leave the bad sites.

Improve your selected sites and build your business around it. This is how professional SEO’s do there work. They do not wait for one website to rank.

They test and select the best results. I’m suppose to talk about review but I think I’m off topic already. Why did he recommend this strategy? Because Google use random ranking factor.

They don’t rank websites the same way. It is efficient to use this method rather than using one website. That is why I’m sharing namesilo for you to save on your SEO work.

I am not a SEO expert. I don’t want you to call me an SEO. I like being a blogger. Okey let’s go back to our topic. For domain registry service, we recommend this service. Because of its quality service and low cost.

Affordable @ $8.99

Namesilo started its company in the year 2009 and they offer their cheapest domain names. They focus on domain registry and not offering kinds of hosting services. I think Namesilo web hosting is possible in the future.

They run their business  in Phoenix, Arizona. I trust them and will buy more domains.

I found them to be reliable. I never have a problem with them although they are not perfect. I have never experience any down times with namesilo. Although this is related to webhosting, where you get your domains is also important.

I’m happy with their service, I even bought for $8.99.  I think people use it due to low pricing and quality service.

ICANN accredited Namesilo for its excellent service. As of today they have over 20,000 loyal customer around the world. I may be wrong but if you’re reading it at later date, it can already be more than 100,000 loyal customers.

Who knows? Why ICANN accreditation is important? With ICANN accreditation, you can expect the best service. Namesilo follow all the rules and regulations imposed by ICANN review. As long as they don’t violate any rules, they stay accredited.

If you buy from their service I’m pretty sure you can save money online with bulk buying.

Lets compare Namesilo pricing with other Name Registrar

Lower Price

Compare it versus Namecheap and the popular I think you know the difference.Imagine buying 100-1000 domains….

Imagine buying 100-2000 domains…. How much can you save? What we like about their services is that they don’t have hidden fees. Their prices do not change every year.

If you buy it for $8.99, then you’ll have to pay that much every year. They have coupons for the first year for a discount of $1. Although the discount is small, but their pricing is low enough.

If you use Namecheap coupon with 30% discount you’ll have to pay 100% the next year. Their prices are above $12 which you can compare with namesilo.

They have domain defender: Prevents changes unless you have answered  5 security questions. Can you suggest other name registrar with this feature? This is a great feature which prevents unauthorized domain transfers.

If you’re account is compromised then your domain is safe.

Advertising Campaign

You’ll notice they don’t have much advertising because they rely on the word of mouth. I even heard of them from a private forum called

If you want to learn more about seo then you can join that forum. To get the best of the forum you’ll have to join here.

It is a web 2.0 and social network submission tool. You can create high quality back links using web 2.0 properties and social networks.

Free Whois Privacy protection for life: You can enable it on your domain manager for free. (e.g. hide your name and other details). offer it in the first year only. I like namesilo more because they don’t have upsells like domain privacy.

If you want to protect your identity then you can use this feature for free. Sometimes we don’t want our readers to know our email address to stop spam emails. So we can turn on this feature in a fly without costing a dollar.

Bulk domain savings allows you to save more!  It is straight forward. They have their savings plan which depends upon the number of domains you are going to buy.

We can buy up to 5,000 domain for $8.39 each(cheapest place to buy domain names). You can sell these domains for a higher price. You can also use this to save more on building your private network.

Big SEO companies often take advantage of this service. Usually they keep this secret to themselves.

Fixed price: There is no need to find discount or renewal coupons because the price is fix. Unlike other services namesilo prices are clear.

If you bought a domain for $8.99, it is the same every year except if you use my one dollar coupon.

You will have to pay $1 less on the first year. With Register and namecheap, prices can change every year.

Free Domain Parking: I think you can use this with Google Adsense. I’m not sure. You should look at their terms of service.

I like it because it is free. If you get a popular domain, then you can use it for ads without paying anything. This is a good method to earn money online.

If people want to buy that domain, it can have many visitors.

If you want to know more about domain parking hit google’s search bar.

You can make money with domain parking. I will share my strategies in the coming months.

Email Forwarding: If you don’t use email providers, use their free email forwarding service. Just enable it to forward emails from an email address to your desired email like gmail or yahoo.

Never miss an important communication from your readers. This is important. If you can’t afford to pay for email services then this is good for you. Almost all domain service offer email forwarding.

Free DNS Services: To help you set your DNS, they  provide ready templates to set it on the fly. For example, if you use free hosting like blogger.

Just use blogger template, edit it with your details and it will set it for you. Templates are available for the following:

  1. Blogger
  2. Google Apps
  3. 22slides
  4. 4ormat
  5. Bandcamp
  6. Behance Prosite
  8. Cargo
  9. DudaMobile
  11. Free Webstore
  12. Github
  13. Goodsie
  14. Magento Go
  15. PhotoShelter
  16. Portfoliobox
  17. Shopify
  18. Site44
  19. SmugMug
  20. Squarespace
  21. Tumblr
  22. Unbounce
  23. View book
  24. Virb
  25. Weebly
  26. Yola
  27. Zenfolio
  28. Zohomail

There are 28 templates in the dns management area. Yes you heard me right! Setting it up is easy.

DNS Templates

Here is an example image so that you can see what is inside.

As you can see there are lots of templates you can use. All you have to do is apply template and edit. Even a beginner can set up a website in seconds. There is no need to hire someone to set up for you.

Did you ever think that setting up your domain and web hosting is difficult? Well if you buy cheap domains online from namesilo setting it up is easy. This is a great feature not found on other registrars.

It is helpful when you transfer from one platform to another. For example, if I transfer from blogger hosting to weebly. All I have to do is apply the weebly template. Change the details and I’m all done. No need for complicated set-up.

If you want to know more about  the best name registrar click on the image below. Namesilo has a simple panel, easy to use and they process things fast.

It is a domain name registrar.  It is best know for cheap domain name registration, affordable and smooth transfer.  It is the best – just wish I’d heard of them sooner.  Namesilo is an innovator in the field when it comes to keeping overhead operating cost low.

If you want to buy cheap domains online then I highly recommend their service.

Namesilo has beaten out a few of the other registrars I have looked at as far as price goes.  It is one of our recommended registrars because of the way they handle limitations.

$1 Expired/Age domains

If you’ve come this far, I know you want to buy aged domains. Well, it is good news for you. In this section, I’m going to introduce their auction services.

There are many reasons why a domain owner wants to auction their domains. It could be good or bad. Maybe they just want to change their name or something. But this is good for us bloggers.

If possible to have a good start, we should use an aged domain.

Why is it important to use expiring or age domains for your websites? Because Google trust old domains more. Seasoned SEO’s know this. They are taking advantage of this loophole. They even use old domains for their private blog network.

If you want Google to respect your website, you need to take a shortcut. Buy cheap domains online using their auctions. You can use their auction service to complete this task.

Let me tell you a secret to ranking in Google. Use or create your own private blog network. Learn how to create it and you’ll never look back. To find these domains use the auction menu.

Namesilo have an auction page where you can buy aged domains as low as $1. Where can you find these awesome deals? Can you share it?.

Just click their auction tab and to find several age domains. I can even find domains older than 10 years.

After you find these domains then use majesticseo to see if it is worth to buy. If you know matthewwoodward, Citation flow and trustflow ratio (CF/TF) should be around one. If it is more than two then it is spammy.

If you want to build your own network then you can use cheap domains. I am not telling you to buy those cheap domains(cheapest place to buy domain names). Instead use your diligence. Some domains are expensive you’ve got to think about ROI.

This is not a private blog network tutorial. So let’s move on.

Please remember that all add-ons such as:

  • WHOIS Privacy,
  • Email Forwarding,
  • Domain Defender Protection,
  • Custom WHOIS Records
  • and DNS Management are always 100% free!

Click on the image to buy or go to auction page.

namesilo website

or click this link: namesilo.

You can use my coupon code for $1 discount: argyletryit2037

You can also use it to transfer your domain from other domain services for $8.16. Normal price for transfer is $9.16 and It can take 5 to 10 days to complete.

Here some tips in choosing a domain name.

Warning: How to use namesilo the right way?

You have to read it. Although they have free whois protection, you have to use it properly. Trust me there are many reasons why you need to read the post.

If you’re building a network be careful on using privacy protection. It can create footprints and search engines may penalize your website.

Do they provide Free SSL support?

They do not provide SSL services. We can’t buy SSL certificate from namesilo but they offer free alternative. Just register under my link here, and click here for the resource.

If you use it on your website please leave your comment below. If you have questions on my namesilo review just say anything below. I will answer all your queries.

If you think they are a good domain registrar please share your thoughts.