Namesilo Review: How Reliable is Namesilo? 2017

My namesilo review can help you decide if it is good, reliable or not.

You can buy domain names at $8.99 with an option for free privacy protection.

They offer cheap domain names daily.

5/02/2017 10:00:00 AM
You can buy domain names at $8.99 with an option for free privacy protection.

They offer cheap domain names daily.
Their offers are so good you may want to buy. They are known to be the best domain registrar.

But before you do that please read our review here.

For your information, this post is based on our experience with the company.

For aged domains, you can buy it at $1 domain in auctions tab. Read below for more details.

Choosing the Top domain registrar is an important step in creating a website. In this review, I'm going to share a  very good domain service on the internet.

Excellent registrar! Quality service although with low pricing.

Buying a domain name is like buying a land to build your house. We have to find a very good spot.

A domain with Namesilo is better than other registrars.

If you are an SEO, test different strategies and using different domain names.

See which ones are working and which ones are not. It is important that while you are testing, you also keep your expenses low.

For domain registry service, we recommend this company.

Affordable Review @ $8.99
Namesilo started its company since the year 2009 and they offer their cheapest domain names. They focus on domain registry and not offering kinds of hosting services.

I think Namesilo web hosting is possible in the future.

They run their business in Phoenix, Arizona. I trust them and will buy more domains.

I found them to be reliable. I never had a problem with them although they are not perfect.

I'm happy with their service, I even bought for $8.99.  I think people use it due to low pricing.

They address a lot of complaints due to the high cost of domain names.

Download here

ICANN accredited Namesilo for its excellent service.
As of today, they have over 20,000 loyal customers around the world.
Why ICANN accreditation is important?
With ICANN accreditation, you can expect the best service. Namesilo follows all the rules and regulations imposed by ICANN review.

If you buy from their service I'm pretty sure you can save money online with bulk buying.

Let's compare Namesilo pricing with other Name Registrars

with name registrar

*Prices are based on our last visit to the site.

Compare it vs Namecheap? I think you know the difference.

Good prices and structure if you buy in bulk.

Imagine buying 100-1000 domains....
Imagine buying 100-2000 domains....
How much can you save?

Great domains with great prices.

As a customer, I have good experience with this company.

I have 50 domains in my account in this company. I think I will add more in the future when my customer grows.
What we like about their services is that they don't have hidden fees.
They have domain defender. Prevents changes unless you have answered  5 security questions. Can you suggest other name registrars with this feature?

You'll notice they don't have much advertising because they rely on the word of mouth.

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Free Whois Privacy protection for life: Privacy protection is always free. (e.g. hide your name and other details). offer it in the first year only. This is a new way to attract more customers.

The company provides this free feature as long as you own the domain.

This is one of the best features they give to their customers.

I own several domains with whois protection enabled.

No Upsells:

I like Namesilo because they don't have upsells. They focus only on domain hosting. They don't have constant upsell. I hate other registrars because they always send emails for you to buy something.

They are different from other companies.
Bulk domain savings allows you to save more!  It is straight forward. 
Fixed price: There is no need to find discount or renewal coupons because the price is fixed.
Other registrars don't offer a discount on their renewal.

all Namesilo prices are already discounted every year.

Free Domain Parking: I think you can use this with a Google Adsense. I'm not sure. You should look at their terms of service.

Free email forwarding: You can use their free forwarding so that you can receive emails without a host.

For example, [email protected]

Normally you buy email hosting to receive an email to your website.
If you want to know more about the best name registrar click on the image below.

Namesilo has a simple control panel, easy to use and they process things fast.

Management of your domains is very simple. Although the interface looks old, It is nice.

A user can understand it even at first use.

It is a domain name registrar.  It is the best to know for cheap domain name registration, affordable and smooth transfer.  It is the best - just wish I'd heard of them sooner.  Namesilo is an innovator in the field when it comes to keeping overhead operating cost low.

Namesilo has beaten out a few of the other registrars I have looked at as far as price goes.  It is one of our recommended registrars because of the way they handle limitations.

My domains are with Namesilo for years. I never have a problem with them. All is well as of this moment.

This blog is also registered with their service. I did not have any problems with them.


If you have a domain that is near expiry date they will send an email to warn you about it.
In order to continue using the domain, you have to pay before it expires.


The registrar has good supports. They respond typically within 24 hours usually during office hours.

I asked Namesilo for help last Saturday and they immediately respond within that day.

 Unlike Godaddy, you can email them.

You can contact them anytime and expect an answer soon.

$1 Expired Age domains

They also have an auction page where you can buy aged domains as cheap as $1. Wow! I feel wonderful. Can you hear me?

Just click their auction tab and you'll find age domains.

I got a feeling that you'll buy here.

Click on the image to buy or go to the auction page.
no name registrar
or click this link: Namesilo

You can use my coupon code for $1 discount: argyletryit2037

More coupon codes here

These links are my affiliate link. You can buy directly at their website without clicking my link here.

That is how confident I am about the service.

You can also use it to transfer your domain from GoDaddy for $8.16. Normal price for transfer is $9.16 and It can take 5 to 10 days to complete.

I Support this company because of their quality service.
Here some tips for choosing a domain name.

There are other reviews out there that give good ratings.

Warning: How to use Namesilo the right way?

If you use it on your website please leave your comment below. If you have questions just say anything below. I will answer all your queries.

You can share your experiences in order to help us review Namesilo. You can comment on their pricing.

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